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I truly feel blessed to be able to blend wholesome ingredients together to handcraft skin-loving hair/skin and body care essentials that even the most sensitive individual, baby, or the family pet can benefit from using our products. "Sabuni" means soap in Swahili - adding "Simply" represents simple. Simple recipes for soap/products with simple ingredients. :) 



This word describes the feeling, that I get when I work with returning clients as well as new client orders. My hard work and dedication go into handpicking ingredients for you that will reflect, the benefits in every single use of my products - this matters to me. There is no greater joy than gathering all of the ingredients needed to complete a project and actually see it all coming to fruition. The scents, the look, and feel of the textures in each product bring me utter joy. 

As my products sell, its a bittersweet feeling that having more space to add new products, I am happy and incredibly humbled about that. I have been educating myself as well as learning from trial and error on what will sync and become one and my clients rave over it. I cannot begin to explain the feeling, 'rewarding".

It's been a long journey and one that I will never forget. The fact that my son was suffering for so long and he was given everything every doctor suggested with no results. I decided that enough was enough, I wanted to come up with a solution to get his skin under control. So, I leaped headfirst into making products first for my baby and then for everyone else.

Preparing for this new phase of my life, took years of educating myself with books and talking to so many people to gain knowledge. After spending over a year testing recipes, I picked the ones that I felt would be signature sellers - as well as offering my clients a chance to customize their products to their skincare needs. 


We would love to hear your comments, and invite you into the #BuniCommuni with open arms. We're forever researching plant-based goodies from nature, sourcing out the best ingredients from around the world to make our products. It's high time that we invest in our health, our family, and our friends' health. Over-exposure to dangerous chemicals is on a rise, let's make a better effort to use handmade bath, body, and hair care essentials more -because we say yes, to life. 

I am very excited to take on each and every endeavor with the #BuniCommuni and we hope that you will feel just as energized when using  Simply Sabuni products. We're so excited that you chose us in this vast market of product makers - we strive to assure you that you've made the right choice.


Start your day with a handmade blend by #TeamSabuni.

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Precious Renee'

Licensed Beauty Expert

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